Why buy Panasonic?

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  • Panasonic is the leader in the new IP telecommunications market*
  • Panasonic has more than 12% of the IP market share (Avaya has 10%, Siemens 9%, Cisco 8%, all the rest are under 4% each)*
  • Panasonic is the unquestioned leader in the telecommunications market for systems of 60 phones & under, and for 20 outside lines & under*
  • Panasonic is the 47th largest company in the world
  • Panasonic invests more than $5 billion annually on Research & Development
  • Panasonic is the world's top filer of patents in 2007
  • Panasonic has delivered over 100 million phones
  • New updated releases for:
    • NCP 500/1000
    • TDE 100/200/600
    • IP Phones
    • New IP Dect Cell Base
    • New Layer 2 POE Network Data Switch
  • ISO9001 certified factories
  • Verifiable extremely low failure rate
  • ISO14001 certified environmental sustainability
  • US based engineering and tech support

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