Phone Systems:

CTI & Call Center Solutions

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a way of allowing your computer to add functionality and control to your telecommunications system.  It can dramatically enhance the way you do business.

It adds convenience by allowing you to dial a phone number from an Outlook contact with the click of a mouse.  You can also hilight any telephone number on your computer screen and dial it by hitting a key combination on your keyboard.  Things like forwarding your desk phone to your cell phone that used to make you remember forwarding codes and required multiple button sequences on your phone can also be done with two clicks of your mouse.

By linking your communication and computer systems, you can have complete and instant access to a customer’s information and their interaction history with your company. This allows you to provide better and more responsive service each time they call.

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Call Center Solutions

Order Entry or Customer Service Departments are better managed with real-time visibility for a supervisor. When linked to an Automatic Call Distribution platform, call management of each group with overflow assignments, and management reports on a Windows-based tool, make the solution more cost-effective.

We can set your call center up at a single location, or have agents distributed throughout your many business locations.  Skills-based routing allows calls to be sent to the proper agent based on caller input.