Why a Panasonic 'Cell Based' cordless system instead of some other brand?

  • Panasonic® makes most of the world’s cordless phones (often with other competing company’s name on them) and Panasonic understands all the short comings of using traditional 900 MHz and 2.4 or 5.6 GHz wireless networks.
  • Panasonic uses a cell-based technology, much like the cell towers that serve your Smartphone.  These cell antennas are installed at different points in your business.  As you walk through your business, warehouse, or campus, the system is analyzing your signal strength.  When the system detects a stronger signal from an antenna you are approaching, your call is seamlessly handed off to the next antenna.  You don't hear any noise, static, or even a click as your call is handed off.  These cell antennas easily handle multiple calls & function over a very large area.
  • Panasonic uses “D.E.C.T 6.0” Technology that will not interfere with Wireless Access Points, or other wireless technologies in use at your business.
  • With Panasonic, we can guarantee total, continuous coverage of your entire campus both inside & out.