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STC - Long Range Cordless Telephones

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It is now possible to cover your entire location, no matter how large, with a single cordless phone, delivering a crystal clear signal throughout. This new technology utilizes cell-base antennas at strategic locations connected to your phone system. Your cordless phone can also be registered on other Panasonic systems, allowing you to go from one office to another, all the time keeping your same extension number.

Southern Tele-Communications (STC) - Phone Systems, Data Networks and Surveillance Systems for the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast, Florida Panhandle, and more.Set Your People Free Without Compromise

Do you have a need for a receptionist or other personnel to be "freed from their desk" phone, but still be able to handle calls. We can mate a cordless phone with a desk phone such that they both ring on the same number. The call can be put on hold, parked, transferred, sent to voicemail, paged or even recorded all by the cordless, much like the way it would on the desk phone.

Panasonic 7600 Series Cordless Phones

The Panasonic 7600 series phones KX-T7685, KX-T7695, KX-T7696 are the lineup of preferred “cell based” D.E.C.T. cordless phones for use on the TDA, TDE & NCP platforms.

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